240 3rd Street, Penrose, CO 81240


About Colorado Springs Sawmill

At Colorado Springs Sawmill at Penrose we do the best we can with everything we have right here where we are…we take what many see as waste and find good ways to make it work…

Making cool stuff with wood is fun and it’s easy…and when you make something from one of your own trees you have something no one else can ever have. You’ve got a piece of your own tree, your own past…and you made into something cool!

“…from disaster to design…that’s our motto!”
“There’s really no way to describe it…when you can take an old tree from your own front yard, a few choice tools, a little bit of time and patience, then turn it all into something special…something good and useful for you, your friends and your family to enjoy for generations to come…that’s the best feeling there is, that’s what this is all about! “

-Mitchell Dillman

Local First

We have the ability to share our knowledge in ways never before possible. Using modern technology, it is our responsibility to teach and show others how they too can utilize our valuable resources for good. Helping and inspiring others to do just that brings me nothing but pure joy! it’s up to us to use our local resources responsibly any and every way we can…we must reuse these trees right here in our own community for good! Using only local recycled resources, we produce unique and functional, modern-rustic furniture, fixtures, and decor.

Colorado Springs Sawmill at Penrose