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Imported Live Edge Slabs

Imported Hardwood Slabs are an outstanding option for just about any woodworking project. When it comes to your home remodeling projects, cabinetry, fine furniture and just about anything else you can make with wood, our hardwood slabs offer superior quality, long lasting durability, tremendous versatility and pure natural beauty not found in many other softwood species.
Our Imported Hardwood Slabs are ecologically harvested from broad-leaved trees in South America. These trees tend to be slower growing and are usually more dense than our native softwoods here in Colorado. As a result of their condensed and more complex structure, imported hardwoods generally offer a far superior level of durability for any wood susceptible to water damage. This wood is extremely dense with tight, closed grain. It easily repels water and other liquids which makes it ideal for flooring and use in kitchens and bathrooms.
Some of the best uses for out imported hardwood slabs include: Kitchen islands, countertops, and bar tops. Many types of cabinets and bookcases. Bathroom vanities and floating shelves. All forms of fine furniture including dining tables and conference tables, coffee tables and desks. Hardwood slabs also make an excellent option for things like fine art pieces and musical instruments.
The natural beauty of imported hardwood is unique in that it offers a wide variety of color options and grain patterns not found in domestic woods. Most of our hardwoods are easy to work with, glue up easily and finish with simple oils and waxes.
Here are just a few of the hardwood species we now offer: PAROTA (guanacaste) - National tree of Costa Rica – Moderately light, very durable. TEMPISQUE - Costa Rican natives named this tree Tempisque, or Yellow Dante which means: the one that takes care of the shores of the rivers. JAVILLO/JOBILLO - also known as possumwood. It has dark orangish-red cast to the heartwood and is streaked with dark brown to black tiger stripes.MONKEY POD/CENICERO (Albizia Saman) The Monkey Pod Tree, also known as Raintree, Suar, and Mimosa.
Consider any of these hardwoods and more for your next woodworking project.

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