240 3rd Street, Penrose, CO 81240

Our Story

At Colorado Springs Sawmill at Penrose we do the best we can with everything we have right here where we are…we take what many see as waste and find good ways to make it work… from disaster to design…that’s our motto!

Making cool stuff with wood and metal is always fun…and when you make something from one of your own trees you have something no one else can ever have. You’ve got a piece of your own tree, your own past…something to be proud of you can share with friends and family.

Arlene Wilson
“I highly recommend Mitch as he takes great pride in every piece he makes. He is an amazing craftsman.”
John Rock
“By far the greatest artwork of Colorado trees I have ever seen. Mitch can make almost anything out of wood and metal. His custom wood mantels, benches, chairs and tables are the best you could own for your home, cabin or campground area.”